All About Dental Sealants For Greenwood Village

All About Dental Sealants for Greenwood Village

Are you searching for dental sealants for Greenwood Village? If so, you have come to the right place. Dental sealants are a type of plastic coating that is placed on the chewing surface of the permanent back teeth. It helps protect such teeth from decay over time. The molar and premolar teeth have chewing surfaces with fissures which make them vulnerable to decay over time. Most of the time, these fissures are deep and difficult to clean. Plaque can easily accumulate in these fissures making them vulnerable to decay over time. That’s where dental sealants come in handy. This article provides information on dental sealants for Greenwood Village.

51 Mill Lane restaurant review: A lot more fun than a trip to the dentist

So how was your day?

Don’t ask. Hassle at work, a good hour and a half of misery on the road, rounded off with being strapped into the dentist’s chair for 15 minutes of drilling and scraping under an anaesthetic which was barely detectable until after it was all over.

But the upside to the day was going to be that my wife and I were taking the baby out for dinner in the evening.

The only problem was, we’d forgotten that we were both having fillings. By the time we’d arrived at 51 Mill Lane , both our faces were sloping to one side. Soup was definitely not on the menu.

51 Mill Lane? Is that someone’s house?

No. But it is a relatively small bar/eaterie on a small parade of shops, in a couple of units – one of which used to be occupied by the Village Tea Rooms – just across from the Halton Castle Pub.

To one side a bar area, to the other the split level space leading out. past the kitchen counter, to the garden to the rear.

How was the reception?

Once we’d explained why we were drooling more than the baby was, we took our table.

Even a hardened soul like me melted a little bit when I saw they’d replaced one of the chairs at the table, in advance of our arrival, with a high chair for the little one. So, you really couldn’t fault the warm welcome or the accommodation of our little dining companion.

What was on the menu?

This is another restaurant to adopt the now very popular ‘small plate’ approach, which is to say somewhere between tapas and a full plate of food.

Sometimes it means you’re paying something towards paying a main course price for a starter portion, but in the case of 51 Mill Lane, you couldn’t argue with the size of the offerings.

The suggestion was to have three plates each, and with them each roughly around five or six quid, they looked to be good value for money.

What did you have?

Firstly I had to compete with the baby to actual get my hands on any of the lovely, fluffy bread and flavoursome hummus that arrived on the table.

Within seconds of it being put down on the table, a tiny hand had reached out and grabbed one of the larger pieces.

In her hands, it was the equivalent of me waving a mattress round, but she seemed impressed as she tore chunks out of it, and although Jade and I had to remember to eat only on one side of our mouths, we were very impressed with the excellent hummus too.

Promising then?

So far, so good. For my small plates I chose the chicken thighs, salt and pepper squid and ox cheek. The chicken thighs (£4.95) were smoked and served with an Asian slaw. The chicken managed to remain tender despite being a little on the dry side, and the smoky flavour and seasoning came alive on the palate. The aromatic slaw tempered the slight dryness of the meat. But over all, it was a promising beginning.

My squid (£4.95), was an enjoyable dish, but suffered from being over-salted. There can be no doubt about the quality of the ingredients, but the flavours were a little imbalanced. The squid itself was delicious, the right side of chewy, and there was plenty of it.

The ox cheek (£5.95), was again very tender and well braised. The flavours were deep and rich, and the shallots were a worthy compliment that added a contrasting texture.

And for the wife?

The blue cheese and broccoli pizette (£4.85) was a worthy choice. For those who don’t know, pizette pretty much means ‘little pizza’.

The cheese had plenty of flavour and the broccoli was pleasantly al dente. It was an imaginative option, and one we’d order again. It was also by far the largest of the dishes and offered far better value than the others Jade chose, which were the mac and cheese and tortilla.

The mac and cheese (£4.95), was, regrettably, a disappointment, and lacking any real flavour at all.

Rather than the usual indulgent baked pasta in a rich cheese sauce, this was a dish of plain pasta, with no sauce, and a thin layer of flavourless cheese baked in top. In terms of ingredients used and staff time taken in the making, it must have been the worst value for them – and for us – of any dish on the menu.

But the traditional Spanish tortilla (£4.65), while slightly under-seasoned, was perfectly enjoyable once a bit of salt was added.

I chose the tropical eton mess (£5), while Jade opted for the chocolate profiteroles (£5).

The mess was a novel twist on this now ubiquitous dessert option, flavoured with passion fruit rather than traditional strawberry of raspberry. As such, it was a very pleasant sweet, and the odd spoonful went down well with the baby.

The profiteroles (£5), were less of a hit. A large dollop of what can only have been squirty cream had sat for too long and was doing its best to go back to liquid form. It was topped with fresh strawberries, and less than fresh profiteroles, which tasted bought in, and still had the temperature of the fridge.

Some corners really shouldn’t be cut. Real, whipped cream and fresh profiteroles would have made this so much better.

So a hit or a miss?

There is no doubt that this is a very warm, friendly and inviting little restaurant, and the people who run it work hard to make it a success.

The dishes we ate could easily be improved upon. They are unpretentious, wholesome dishes, which, with a little rebalancing of flavours and ingredients, could be much more enjoyable.

While admittedly it only had a gruelling day at work, a traffic jam and a dentist’s appointment to compete with, this visit to 51 Mill Lane was still very much the highlight of the day.

Fact file:

Venue: 51 Mill Lane, West Derby, L12 7HZ

Tel: 0151 226 2724

Website: See the link here

Menu: Small plates, mix of modern and traditional European

Value: Reaonable value for money, £48 for the meal (excluding drinks)

Service: Superb. Friendly and accommodating.

Disabled access: Yes

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How to keep your kids safe at the dentist

Many dentists don’t consider the risks of sedation to be worth the benefits for a routine cleaning (iStock)

After the tragic death of 3-year old Daleyza Hernandez Avila earlier this summer, the safety of children undergoing anesthesia for common dental procedures has attracted national attention.

This isn’t the first time in recent years that the safety of sedating children at the dentist’s office has made it into the spotlight. Back in 2012, a “Nightline” report highlighted the dangers of poorly trained dentists using sedation to increase profits and minimize inconvenience. Some dentists were found to use sedation for even routine cleanings and cavity treatments.

Despite the string of dentistry-related deaths that began to attract media attention years ago and the following series of recommendations from the American Dental Association, the recent tragedy in California highlights how important it still is for parents to be informed and ask questions.


First, ask your dentist why they recommend sedation for the procedure if you’re not sure that it’s necessary. Sedation may be warranted for a long, complex, or painful procedure or for particularly young and nervous patients.

Many dentists don’t consider the risks of sedation to be worth the benefits for a routine cleaning, especially for very young patients with good home oral hygiene. Many pediatric dentists ease young children into routine cleanings as their comfort level allows.

Very few children are too nervous for a routine cleaning when the procedure is approached with consideration for the child’s emotional state. Many offices use music, moveable TVs, and other props to help children relax and enjoy their visit as much as possible.

If your child needs to be sedated, you can make the process safer by reviewing the ADA’s guidelines for parents and guardians. Some dentists only have a few days’ worth of training in oral sedation techniques and aren’t prepared or experienced enough to deal with emergencies. Below are the questions that the ADA recommends asking your child’s dentist before sedation.*

Prior to the procedure:

Who will provide the preoperative evaluation of my child including their past medical history such as allergies, current prescription medications and previous illnesses and hospitalizations? What is the recommended time that my child should be without food or drink prior to the procedure (with the exception of necessary medications taken with a sip of water)? Will any sedation medication be given to my child at home prior to their coming to the office and, if so, how should they be monitored? What training and experience does the sedation/anesthesia provider have in providing the level of sedation or anesthesia that is planned for the procedure? Does this training and experience meet all of the standards of the ADA Guidelines for the Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia by Dentists? Does the staff assisting in the procedure have current training in emergency resuscitation procedures, such as Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, and other advanced resuscitation courses as recommended by the ADA Guidelines? Is this training regularly renewed? Does the state dental board require a special sedation/anesthesia permit or license that allows for the sedation/anesthesia provider to administer this specific level of sedation or anesthesia in the dental office?

During the procedure:

In addition to the use of local anesthesia (numbing), what level of sedation or general anesthesia will be given to my child? Is it minimal sedation (relaxed and awake), moderate sedation (sleepy but awake), deep sedation (barely awake) or general anesthesia (unconscious)? How will my child be monitored before, during and after the procedure until the child is released to go home? Are the appropriate emergency medications and equipment immediately available if needed, and does the office have a written emergency response plan for managing medical emergencies?

After the procedure:

Will the sedation/anesthesia provider give me instructions and emergency contact information if there are any concerns or complications after returning home?

This may seem like a daunting list, but even though the vast majority of children sedated for dental procedures in the US are unaffected by the procedure, the risks of anesthesia are real and are higher for young children than for adults. Your child’s dentist should be able to give you satisfactory answers to all of the above questions, and if they can’t, you may want to find another provider.

*These questions originally appeared on the ADA’s website. For more information about a variety of oral health topics, please visit www.MouthHealthy.org.

This article first appeared on AskDrManny.com.

Dr. Manny Alvarez serves as Fox News Channel’s senior managing health editor. He also serves as chairman of the department of obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive science at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. For more information on Dr. Manny’s work, visit AskDrManny.com.

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Greenwood Village Has Some Of The Best Luxury Homes In The Denver Area

If you’re thinking of moving to Denver, Colorado, there can be a number of things appealing to you. If you’re coming from a northern region with long snowy winters, you might enjoy the bright, warm summers while still having access to skiing and outdoor activities in the Rockies, all while knowing how to survive the snow that hits Denver on occasion. If you’re coming from a warmer area, you might love the low humidity and seemingly endless outdoor trails in the area.

Still, you don’t have to live in Denver itself. Many suburbs have just as good a quality of life, if not higher, and a high-income area like Greenwood Village has some of the best luxury homes in the Denver metropolitan area.

Greenwood Village is a home-rule community in the area, surrounded by Denver and other suburbs. The average family here has incomes sometimes in the six digits, thanks largely due to a local tech hub and center of commercial activity. As such, the homes are very nice.

It’s not uncommon to go house-hunting here and find a two acre lot sporting a six-bedroom home with magnificent views of the Rockies and Front Range to the immediate west. Greenwood Village lots often have some of the best views in the region, which is why such nice homes were built on them.

If you’re selling a home in a very high-value market elsewhere, you might find that your sale dollars stretch a lot further here and put you in the lap of local luxury. If you’re going to wind up working in Greenwood Village, you might even wind up with the kind of income that lets you afford such a home or at least finance the mortgage that gets it done.

Dr. Angela Cotey Welcomes New Patients in Fitchburg, WI for Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Angela Cotey now welcomes new pediatric patients to experience the fun and friendly atmosphere at her practice. Using the most advanced techniques in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry in Fitchburg, WA, she provides gentle, comfortable treatments that create positive memories for children and prepare them for a lifetime of oral health.

Fitchburg, WI (PRWEB) August 24, 2017

Passionate about pediatric dentistry in Fitchburg, WI, Dr. Angela Cotey is pleased to announce the availability of appointments for new patients at her practice with or without a referral. She understands that a visit to the dentist, whether for a checkup and cleaning, filling or orthodontics, can shape the way young patients view oral health. With this in mind, she offers compassionate care in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Genetics plays a major role in oral health. For example, issues such as allergies or low saliva flow can create a dry environment in the mouth that allows bacteria to proliferate and attack new teeth. This often results in cavities and gum disease at a very young age. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents take their children to a dentist before their first birthday. Personal oral health risks may be identified at that visit, and parents can learn about developmental milestones and how best to care for their young child’s teeth. While any dentist can provide oral health care, pediatric dentistry in Fitchburg, WI, focuses on techniques for making early visits comfortable and enjoyable. This prevents future anxiety and dental phobias and encourages a positive approach to dental care for a lifetime.

Infection and decay of baby teeth can cause serious pain and lead to early tooth loss. Dr. Cotey is often able to perform a pulpotomy, also known as a children’s root canal, to eliminate the trauma and restore oral health. She removes the damaged pulp at the heart of the tooth and restores the structure so that it lasts until the permanent tooth is ready to take its place. Pediatric dentistry in Fitchburg, WI, can also help the dentist to predict when a child will require orthodontics. By recognizing these needs at an early stage, Dr. Cotey is able to offer interceptive treatments that may significantly decrease how much time children must wear braces.

More information about cleanings, orthodontics, pulpotomy treatments and other services Dr. Cotey provides is available on her website at http://www.villagesmilecare.com. Parents who want the benefits of pediatric dentistry for their children can schedule an appointment by calling 608-433-2102.

About the Doctor

Dr. Angela Cotey is a general dentist offering personalized dental care to patients in Mount Horeb, WI. Dr. Cotey and her entire team take pride in offering the latest advancements in dentistry and dental technology to ensure each patient enjoys a comfortable experience with long-lasting results. Dr. Cotey combines advanced dentistry with a fun and friendly style. She is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Dental Association, the Wisconsin Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and current President of the Wisconsin Dental Study Club and Madison Dental Progress Forum. To learn more about Dr. Cotey or the services she offers, please visit her website at http://www.villagesmilecare.com or call 608-433-2102 to schedule an appointment.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/08/prweb14633794.htm

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VN Podcast, Ep. 46: The year’s best grand tour and the Colorado Classic

Stage 14 concluded among some of the most majestic vistas seen in this edition of the Vuelta a España. Photo: Iri Greco / BrakeThrough Media | www.brakethroughmedia.com

Welcome to the VeloNews cycling podcast, where we discuss the latest trends, news, and controversies in the world of cycling.

What do Chris Froome, Alberto Contador, Romain Bardet, Tejay van Garderen, Andrew Talansky, Vincenzo Nibali, Fabio Aru, Ilnur Zakarin, the Angliru, and the Yates brothers all have in common? They’re all in the upcoming Vuelta a Espana.

This year’s Vuelta might just be the best grand tour of the year. It certainly has the most star-studded GC field. So in this episode, Fred Dreier and Caley Fretz call up VN European Correspondant and amateur bon vivant Andrew Hood to dive into the course, the favorites, and the storylines of the impending Vuelta.

But first, let’s not forget about Colorado’s return to top-level pro racing. The innovative Colorado Classic took place last weekend, and the racing was aggressive and exciting. Is this format the future of bike racing? It might just be.

If you like what you hear, subscribe to the VeloNews podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Also, check out the VeloNews Fast Talk training podcast with Trevor Connor and Fretz.

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How to Find the Best in Greenwood Village Housing

Are you looking for a new place to live? Perhaps you are just tired of your current home or apartment? There are countless places you could pick up and move to. In fact, there are many people who would just prefer to stick a tack in the map and move. If you are not that spontaneous, you may want to consider moving to Greenwood Village Housing. If you are wanting to know how to find the best housing here, continue reading along.

One of the first things you are going to want to do is take the time to drive around the area. Be sure to get out and look at homes that are for sale. While there take the time to talk to residents and see what they have to say about the location. In addition, you will want to drive around the area on different days and times to get an idea of what it would be like to live in this general area. You never know what you are going to find out that would make you not want to live here.

While you can gain a lot of knowledge by simply driving around, there is no better way to find out how a place would be to live in than hardcore date. You can find this information out online by heading to a city data website. Here you will be able to find out all the information you would need to know if this would be a good move. Take note of the average home price, crime statistics, and other pertinent information.

As you can see, there are a couple of ways to find out if Greenwood Village Housing is going to be your dream location. Hopefully, this article will help you make the best decision for your living space.

No Experience, No Problem. Catchy Video Could Land You a Denver Tv Gig, but Not Everyone Digs the Idea

Error loading player: No playable sources found

The on-air promos are short and sweet: “Do you watch 9News and think, ‘Hey, I can do better than this guy?’ ” asks KUSA-Channel 9’s Steve Staeger. “Now is your chance. Send us a short video of you being the you-est you there is through 9News.com. Your take, and your voice, could lead you straight to 9News.”

The 15-second spot, which began airing on Denver’s NBC affiliate two weeks ago, offers a novel solution to a decades-old problem. Namely, soliciting reality TV-style audition videos that farm out the task finding on-air personalities for local news.

“We have a belief that there’s talented people in all of our markets,” said Steve Carter, general manager of KUSA, Denver’s No. 1 TV station by ratings. “And there are people that could probably be good contributors on television, whether it’s doing certain stories or having a specialty, like being a movie reviewer or knowing a lot about cars or technology.”

Carter noted that former anchor Gregg Moss joined KUSA from the Denver Business Journal, despite never having appeared on air prior to that. The same goes for Cheryl Preheim and Susie Wargin, both of whom held Denver radio jobs before becoming on-air talent for 9News.

“The idea came from within KUSA, but it’s part of an open-ended conversation in some ways,” Carter said. “We might do this more than once a year, just to let people know that we’re interested in seeing their stuff.”

The call follows a hiring wave in the Denver offices of TEGNA Media, KUSA’s owner, which plans to launch a nationally syndicated news program based in Denver this fall called “Daily Blast Live.”

TEGNA officials have already hired 45 people for “Daily Blast Live,” Carter said, with more on tap. A jobs.net page lists 12 open jobs for TEGNA Denver positions — ranging from Instagram and Snapchat Manager to Creative Director — and 13 jobs at KUSA in particular, all posted since May 28.

The jobs posted as TEGNA Denver positions are all for “Daily Blast Live,” Carter said.

However, the career path for anyone submitting a two-minute video is less clear.

“So far we have received a dozen videos from viewers,” Carter said, declining to discuss potential compensation for the position. “A lot of email inquiries, so perhaps more will be showing up soon.”

Not everyone finds the idea of crowdsourcing on-air talent charming.

“Another major embarrassment for the once great industry,” wrote Scott Jones, editor of the TV news industry-watching site FTVLive.com. “It is nothing more than a slap in the face to real journalists.”

To be fair, Jones is making a leap in calling the potential KUSA contributors “anchors,” as FTVLive’s headline refers to them. But having a journalism background isn’t just window dressing for a job in the news media, said Chris Frates, a former Denver Post reporter and CNN on-air correspondent.

“Being a professional broadcast journalist is more than just reading the news,” Frates said. “There’s a lot of pressure, especially when it’s live. You have to implement journalistic standards in real time. It’s a skill, and not one that every YouTube personality has.”

Several local TV news sources declined to comment on the 9News campaign, saying they didn’t know enough about it and didn’t want to openly criticize a rival. But there’s a reason that personality is key in the 9News search, general manager Carter said.

“Journalists who have personalities are the most successful in this business,” he said. “But we’re not technically looking for a journalist.This business is about meeting people, talking to people and getting information from people, and those that can communicate well are the most successful.”

The expertise in a certain topic is key, Carter added, noting that Dr. John Torres, now a medical contributor for NBC News, started at KUSA without any broadcast experience, along with current KUSA garden expert Rob Proctor and science expert Steve Spangler.

“This contributor could turn into a staff position, but really we’re just looking for people with passion, someone with ideas,” Carter said. “We’re tapping into these resources.”

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Newcastle Dentist Rob Wain Introduced New ‘Buddy System’ for Nervous Patients

Caring Newcastle dentist Rob Wain is determined to get to the root of a problem many patients fear.

And he says he is the first in the country to develop a “buddy system” that offers a holding hand to his clients.

Dr Wain has unveiled a new fear-busting scheme for nervous patients anxious about their treatment, as he bids to create Britain’s most relaxing surgery.

Aesthetic and restorative dentist Rob says many Brits desperate to fix their smile are simply too scared to do so.

And he says many also suffer alone as they’re too embarrassed to discuss their problems with friends and family.

Colorado Transportation Advocates Nix Efforts to Seek Tax Hike in November

Traffic moves along Interstate 25 near Colorado Boulevard in Denver on March 14, 2016.

A coalition pushing for a sales tax hike to improve Colorado roads will not take the question to the ballot in November.

The decision from FixItCO announced Wednesday is a capstone to the debate this year about how to improve the state’s transportation network, but the organization is pledging to renew its efforts for the 2018 election.

“If we don’t move forward (in 2018), the economy is at risk, people’s safety is at risk and our quality of life is at risk,” said Tony Milo, the executive director of the Colorado Contractors Association, one of the leading advocates.

In April, the coalition filed ballot language to generate $3.5 billion for road and transit projects by increasing the statewide sales tax to 3.52 percent from the current 2.9 percent.